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Vladislav Lantratov in La Bayadere.
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Vlad with Ekaterina Krysanova
Photo by Elena Fetisova
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Credits to BEK Studios

Vlad in the Bright Stream.
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Vladislav Lantratov and other Bolshoi dancers in The Taming of the Shrew
Credits to BEK studios
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"Дама с камелиями"
Арман Дюваль - Владислав Лантратов
Фотограф Екатерина Владимирова 
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Bolshoi Primas Maria Alexandrova and Vlad Lantratov in Spartacus.

Photo Credits: Ekaterina Vladimirova
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Vlad as Crassus. Photo by ? (Please fill in if you know).
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Poor Nikiya

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Владислав Лантратов
Anonymous: What are your opinions on all the male principals at the bolshoi?


Alexander Volchkov

Dmitri Gudanov I think, it pretty much explains what I think about him, though it’s not an exact answer to your question. 

Semyon Chudin see the last line (: also, imo, Syoma is doing better in contemporary ballets, yet his classical repertoire is also on a very high level. even though he’s hilarious, gorgeous and you might get taken aback watching him, I think, that it’s sort of visible that he’s not a Bolshoi Ballet Academy graduate. 

David Hallberg a link within a link, yup :/

Vladislav Lantratov: I adore Vlad. He is gorgeous. he’s a walking (or dancing?) perfect combination of Russian ballet academicism and celestial dramatic talent. Just think of him as Crassus. oh holy cherry muffins…

Mikhail Lobukhin: I think, he was pretty underrated in the Mariinsky. I list him as one of my favorite male dancer only because of his portrayal of Tybalt. overwhelming passion, severeness, intensity, vanity, amour-propre + the classical Vaganova training make him a dancer worth being seen. 

Artem Ovcharenko: a beautiful dancer with the body of a Greek god. clear technique, interesting to watch, but he’s not my favorite dancer. he’s too much of a prince to me. also what I don’t like about him is that he can’t link utterances together properly. maybe he spends so much time rehearsing and dancing, that he gets to forget Russian? I don’t know ): no offense, sorry, that’s my opinion.

Ruslan Skvortsov: well, I run a blog dedicated to him. does it answer your question? (;

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Vlad and Maria Alexandrova after the Flames of Paris. Submitted by the lovely lasylphidedubolchoi :)
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